Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Miles Stone
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[Sunday Spotlight] Miles Stone

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Sunday Spotlight Miles Stone

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Miles Stone.

Early last year a record titled “Locomotion” hit my inbox featuring one of the mainstays here on Da Den Clay James. Now at the time it was first I’ve heard of this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist, but the record sparked enough interest in the North Carolina native, that we called him in for our podcast.

Lazies meet Miles Stone. Now residing in Atlanta, Miles has down plenty of groundwork here in the city, which eventually led to him curating a number of shows. Known for his witty bars, Miles Stone is hard to replicate as he uses the ability flow in and out of the pocket with ease. He shows a glimpse of this on his latest single “Different” the 25 year old released on his birthday.

With a new project on the horizon, we decided to give you a bit on context of the dopeness that is Miles Stone below, as we went through his whole catalog.