Diggin' In Da Den: Q-Tip Needle Dropping
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Diggin’ In Da Den: Q-Tip Needle Dropping

you can thank Luke Heller September 23, 2015 0 comments

Q-Tip At Turntable

Q-Tip needle dropping in the studio

People have been sleeping on Q-Tip’s all-around musical talent for too long. Obviously he’s a great MC/producer, but this video of Q-Tip needle dropping on Bobby Rush’s “Chicken Heads” and casually flipping it into a beat toward the end shows his next-level musical instincts. Watch as he figures out all the pieces he likes in the first couple minutes and then starts to turn it out around 2:40. Meanwhile Kanye and No I.D. are fan-girling in the background just trying to process what they’re seeing. Crazy to think about how many moments like this AREN’T captured on video. At least we have this one.