J-Coop On The Str8OutDaDen Podcast

J-Coop On The Str8OutDaDen Podcast

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J-Coop Str8OutDaDen Podcast

Atlanta Hip-Hop Is More Than Skinny Jeans & Dancing

Throughout the years, Atlanta has been known for many things when it comes to hip-hop. As of lately people equate the city with trap drums, skinny jeans and dancing. Well today’s guest on The Str8OutDaDen Podcast is hear to set the record straight and let people know that its way more to the city.

Lazies meet J-Coop. He is from the south side of the city and one of the members of The Winning Team. As he preps his #GoodDayATLanta album, he sat down in Da Den to talk the Atlanta hip-hop scene, how taking a break from rap help change his perspective, how that break almost turned into him joining the U.S. military full time and more.

We also got a chance to hear a few joints from his upcoming LP and of course it would not be a Str8OutDaDen Podcast without our #VinylConversations segment, which Coop bodies by the way. So you know the drill…sit back…Relax and Listen!

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