Its A Small World Stop Chasing Placements: Morrisa Jeanine

Morrisa Jeanine On The Str8OutDaDen Podcast

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Its A Small World…Stop Chasing Placements

First off we’re sorry for being a day late. Now that that’s out the way, allow me to introduce you to our latest guest on The Str8OutDaDen Podcast, Morrisa Jeanine.

The singer/songwriter/film producer sat down with us to talk everything from her early girl groups days growing up in Savannah to breaking out on her own, trying to find the balance between chasing placements and finding her own voice. Morrisa explains the meaning behind her Year XXVI EP and to my surprise it wasn’t as complex as I tried to make it.

We also got into her passion for film and web design. Basically Morrisa Jeanine is a one stop shop for all things creative and after hearing this episode you will understand why. So you know the drill…sit back…Relax and Listen!