'To Pimp A Butterfly' Takes #1 Spot On Billboard

‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ Takes #1 Spot On Billboard

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How Much Did He Sell? Find Out Inside

As if we didn’t see this coming already, K.Dot’s To Pimp A Butterfly takes #1 spot on Billboard. Even though he didn’t do the numbers I predicted (my number was 800k by the way). That’s way off of the 319k copies he sold first week (355k if you include streams) according to HDD.

Now there are a couple of things to keep in mind concerning the release of TPAB. First off the physical copies were very hard to find. I for one had to go to a couple of Best Buy stores before landing one last week. This week should make for an interesting second week as all physicals are shipped and delivered.

Either way Kendrick capped off a great week, landing his first number one record in the process. If you haven’t for some strange reason heard To Pimp A Butterfly, then head here to stream it and then help out his second week sales with a purchase here on iTunes.