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Vic Spencer: Lecture With The Dead

Vic Spencer: Lecture With The Dead

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Stop Making Vic Upset

When I say Vic Spencer is my favorite upcoming emcee out of Chicago, I don’t take it lightly. He has dropped two project recently in Vision Pipes and The Cost of Victory, both of which I have in rotation on in iTunes. Now that may not mean much to you, but for those that know me, thats says a lot considering not much actually make it to my phone.

His most recent release is “Lecture With The Dead”. The record is the result of a Twitter spat that he had with Lupe Fiasco. Read some of the explanation before followed by the record itself.

But Vic is still angry and he shows that well-appreciated aggression on Lecture with the Dead, a nonstop lyrical massacre and he blacks out over a loop of Lupe Fiasco’s Little Death off his album Tetso & Youth.

Eariler this year Vic had a online Twitter battle with Lupe and it shook the Twitter world as that was the topic of discussion for 6 hours. Vic say he did it for the sake of the culture and also because Vic thinks Lupe be battling weak rappers with no name for themselves. “Lupe was having lectures with the dead. And I was tired of it. So I called him out. Battle me. The best from Chicago. A hardcore rapper with a street buzz. Not these unwavy creatures.”