SODD Review - Christon Gray: School of Roses (Album)
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SODD Review – Christon Gray: School of Roses (Album)

you can thank J.Good April 4, 2014 0 comments


Every now and then we try to do a couple of reviews here on Da Den. Most of the time we stick to what we know best…hip-hop. However the opportunity presented itself to review R&B/Soul artist Christon Gray latest project entitled School of Roses¬†and we jump to it. First off I will say that its refreshing to hear real R&B again. I’m a huge lover of hip-hop, but the fact that its taking over the R&B genre baffles me at times. Christon Gray’s album provides that fix that I have long for. The album is 14 solid tracks that will make you forget about a lot of things for the moment. I say that in a positive way. The standouts to me are “Wanna”, “Vanish” and “Nostalgious”. Christon has his own style and manages to keep my attention (which is hard) from top to bottom. Most importantly is he has a message. The music is not your typical “I found the chick, took her home, now we in the bed” storyline. Substance is key here and you can’t be mad at that. Overall I love what I’m listening to. There was one joint that I couldn’t really get into, “Windchaser”. Something about the melodies and music didn’t catch my attention, but 13/14 not bad at all. School of Roses is worth more than a listen, its worth the purchase. Pick it up now on iTunes.