MS. JORJI F.O.B [Fresh Off The Boat] Project


Nigeria Born artist MS. JORJI or the Afro-Trap Queen, is currently residing in Austin, Texas, and she just released her first project, “F.O.B [Fresh off the Boat]. The project is a nine-single EP. The first single she is pushing is her lead single, ‘Wassup.’

MS. JORJI is coming in the game to establish her line in , which will feature A blend of afro-beats and 808 hip-hop drums.

JORJI is a first-generation Nigerian in the US who hints at the project title, “F.O.B. [Fresh Off The Boat].” MS. JORJI devoted this project to herself because she found her musical talent at a dark moment in her life.

Wassup is a single that I can see spinning in the clubs in the states and in international venues across the world. The beat to Wassup is very catchy. The whole ep has catchy beats. It also showcases JORJI’s ability to be versatile with her cadence and lyrical power. From a musical standpoint, I can tell she took her time during the creation process.

You can hear Wassup below and follow MS. JORJI on all platforms @MsJorji.