Spooks McGhie Says “Look Pon We” And Sips From “Chalice”


Long time friend of the site has had some recent milestones in his music streaming career… The most recent is his 6 million streams explosion in a very short time span. To commemorate this milestone, he teamed up with Connecticut producer Mr. Ivory Snow to deliver a West Indian influenced banger LOOK PON WE with a provacative and almost scary cover that pays homage to A Tribe Called Quest “BUGGIN’ out” … This is just a few short months after releasing the self-produced single “Chalice.” It looks like 2023 is going to be a promising year for this rising artist as he intends to continue his 4 seasons series with the reggae heavy EP “[Waited All] Spring!” Immediately followed by his collaboration project “Yanky” a dancehall and reggae EP with producer Mr Ivory Snow .. The only way to go is up.. salute Spooks.. Thanks for rocking with Da Den for almost a decade.



And CHALICE can be streamed on all platforms here:


Original Artwork by Donny Lobisomém

Spooks McGhie’s “Spring!” Project release date is still to be announced..