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Spooks McGhie Says “Look Pon We” And Sips From “Chalice”

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Long time friend of the site has had some recent milestones in his music streaming career… The most recent is his 6 million streams explosion in a very short time span. To commemorate this milestone, he teamed up with Connecticut producer Mr. Ivory Snow to deliver a West Indian influenced banger LOOK PON WE with a provacative and almost scary cover that pays homage to A Tribe Called Quest “BUGGIN’ out” … This is just a few short months after releasing the self-produced single “Chalice.” It looks like 2023 is going to be a promising year for this rising artist as he intends to continue his 4 seasons series with the reggae heavy EP “[Waited All] Spring!” Immediately followed by his collaboration project “Yanky” a dancehall and reggae EP with producer Mr Ivory Snow .. The only way to go is up.. salute Spooks.. Thanks for rocking with Da Den for almost a decade.



And CHALICE can be streamed on all platforms here:


Original Artwork by Donny Lobisomém

Spooks McGhie’s “Spring!” Project release date is still to be announced..