Rapper Matt Chris Is About To “Put In Work” With His New Single


South Florida-based rapper, Matt Chris, prides himself in being more than just an artist who rhymes words over beats. Formally known as MTFR (Matt The F**king Rapper) of the duo Nobodies, Matt has been through much evolution in his 10 years of musicianship. Raging on stages at the peak of the Soundcloud Rap era, Matt always wanted to be known for more than just a starter of mosh pits and his lyrics teased a deeper meaning even in his early years.

Now, the “Wake Up Do Better” creator lives to motivate through his music, his merch and his prolific message: to be the best version of yourself.
After several tour runs under Nobodies with Dope Ent, a captivating tour run in 2019 with Sadistik as MTFR, Matt Chris is ready to spread his own wings as the best version of himself. So here we are kicking off the summer with his first single “Put In Work” with its Piano driven melody, thick bass and raw beat, this is Matt Chris’ summertime (or anytime) anthem.

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