Dj Iceman Going BIG in 2022


Its not always you see a producer take on a ambitious project at the beginning of the year, but Dj Iceman is NOT your typical producer. The Wu-Tang Affiliated producer is doing something real big. he calls it the “Beat The Quarter Challenge” for the whole first quarter of 2022 (90 days) Ice will be releasing a new beat along with a 1 minute at video (for his social media) “I made all the beats, mixed and mastered them, did the artwork, and put together the art vids” “Ive done a 30 day challenge, but 90 seemed like a lot and not too many producers have done it on this level” all beats will be on all streaming platforms and can be bought or leased from Dj Iceman. CHECK OUT THE FIRST 2 VIDEOS FROM THE PROJECT

You can get the beats on Dj Icemans Website
and follow Dj Iceman on his social media