Benji Kush opens for NO CAP!


In these days and times, it’s hard to be recognized in the rap game. Many artists find themselves having to prove that they are nice with the pen on social media. Well, things are a little different for Benji Kush. A lot of his fans, media outlets, and celebrities have been showing him, love. 

Recently he was interviewed by DJ Thoro from, as well as DTF Radio on DJ Trase’s show, and by Big Vegg on Music Monday Videos after dropping his new single “Interstate”. Shortly after that Benji Kush found himself self-opening up for No Cap in Fort Walton Beach, FL which turned out to be a great success. All the fans were going crazy and now his views and following is rapidly growing. I encourage you all to check out his music and get behind the movement because Benji Kush is the next big thing out of Florida. Follow him on Instagram: @benjikushh