Capo Fetti – Lottery Scam featuring Heemilo x 448Prince


Long Island got some fire artists coming out of their city. Capo Fetti, who was born and raised in Elmont NY, has been working hard to create a buzz in the music industry. His new single “Lottery Scam” ft. Heemilo and 448Prince got the streets going crazy right now. You can find all 3 artists stuntin hard with some of the finest ladies in the studio. In this song they let it be known that they are the new Zoe Gods who can’t be finessed by anyone. Getting money is easy for them and staying war-ready is a must. Females love these young superstars for their swag and enjoy having some of the best romantic experiences with them. If you ever had to hustle hard in the streets and experience what its like to have to watch your back, I encourage you to support these young brothers who are looking to escape that lifestyle.