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Dj Iceman And Kept See-Beat Lessonz

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Dj Iceman is back with another project for the year and he brought his friend and mentor Kept See along for the ride. Kept See who is a prenominal emcee, got into production when he couldn’t find beats that were up to his standards. and over the years he has proven to be a top notch producer as well. Dj iceman having retired from a 30+ year dj career didn’t know what to do next creatively and Kept See suggested he get into production. reluctant at first it took a bigger push from Kept for him to get going and he hasn’t looked back since. both has had numerous placements with artists and on tv/videos and have torn down quite a few shows together. they are both members of the Wu-Tang affiliate groups GGO nd Dirty Clanzmen. This beat tape is a celebration of their friendship. on Kept See’s end, it is a passing of the torch to his student (he’s not retiring anytime soon) and on Icemans part its a homage to his mentor. each have 5 tracks on this album showing off their unique styles. Kept See’s lush, polished sound with crisp drums and flowing samples. and with Dj Iceman, you can see Kept Sees influence but his style is more rough around the edges with that Brooklyn feel to it.  The love of Hip-Hop can be heard in each track and its good to see that there are still some producers out there that embody the essence of true Hip-Hop. You can reach Kept See and Dj iceman through their social media for beats and verses Check Out The Album Below
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