G.E.D. Releases New Animated Visual For “Ready 4 Anything”


G.E.D. is a Brooklyn-based music collective. The constant need to create, refine and express their musical inspirations lead them to co-op their individual talents in order to create something bigger than themselves. G.E.D. (G. Every Day) is made up of vocalists, rappers, and producers that have received musical grants and reached the top of the Billboard charts, and they honor both achievements equally impressively. They also happen to be family. Consisting of four cousins, two of which happen to be brothers, G.E.D. approaches success from a non-traditional angle. Rejecting and dropping out of the industry (hence the name), which pushes to create stand-alone singles, G.E.D is committed to the true aim of music: to evoke emotion and transport the listener to another place and time. 
G.E.D. members consist of: Ark Medina (@ark_medina), Izzy Medina (@iztherealest), L.E.S. (Love Every Soul @love.every.soul) and Zoeh G. (@zoeh.g)
Music has always been the theme music for people’s personal lives. In today’s world, it is much more, becoming an escape from  our current challenged lifestyle situation. This climate inspired the mood behind G.E.D.’s latest contribution scheduled for release on August 14th, “Ready 4 Anything”. 
Produced by Evron and Noah Sax (Evan Reed and Noah Reed, no relation), the guitarist and saxophonist of the group’s band, with cousins Izzy and Ark Medina, Zoeh G. and L.E.S. (Love Every Soul) on vocals, the song provides a motivational and encouraging message of overcoming. 
(Chorus) ”I been through everything, so I’m ready for anything”, is the song’s mission statement and overall goal to shift and uplift one’s mindset.  
G.E.D. is gearing up to release their latest album later this year. School is out, but class is in for sure with this one.