John Fuggin Dough Drops a Visual to his single,”Tubmans”


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“I don’t really rap about money, but fill my pockets with them Tubmans..”

Who is John Fuggin Dough?

Trevon Wilson, better known as Hip-Hop artist John Fuggin Dough hails from Marrero, LA (outskirts of New Orleans), now resides in Houston, TX as he treads waves through underground music. Dough’s crowd moving performances have landed him on stage with artists CyHi the Prince, Special Ed and other well-known influential lyricists. Is he coming with the heat though? Indeed, Dough’s classic-southern wordplay in his single “Tubmans” is socially-conscious interlaced with a dope flow. John Fuggin Dough is currently working on a new project titled Peer Fuggin Pressure as a follow up to his 10 Days of Play and freemixes/freestyles. The rising Hip-Hop star isn’t stopping at music, Dough is putting his creative skills to work with his new clothing line, IAmFugginAmazin.

“Tubmans” is about inspiring the black dollar, a push in the cooperative economics category in the African-American community. Could this single be the new chant to the formidable economic challenges? Well, one things for sure, Dough’s using his platform to relay a word to the wise.

Check out the Official Music Video for John Fuggin Dough “Tubmans” directed by Q. Guyton. Let us know what you think.

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