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Civil Writes x Channel 6 Present 'Fake News' EP (STREAM) - and Listen!

Civil Writes x Channel 6 Present ‘Fake News’ EP (STREAM)

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Making East Atlanta great again.

East Atlanta duo Civil Writes‘ new Fake News EP is their new collaborative project produced by Channel 6. Soulful vocals from singer Q grace “Intro” and what follows is a pair of young bruhs spitting from an honest, refreshing perspective. Channel 6 is no joke on the boards with his crispy yet heavy drums and sonics that give Civil Writes listeners some solid riding music. Draft’s verse on “Z6MF” is a definite highlight for a myriad of reasons but it also sums up the title reference in today’s political climate. Sean Emcee’s chorus and verse on “Alternatives Facts” is prophetically structured and delivered with passion and clarity so naysayers do not get Civil Writes’ purpose confused. Fake News is available on all major streaming platforms and y’all can get your copy from the Apple Music link below.

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