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J-Coop & Last Name Good Announce ‘Paid In AmeriKKKa’ LP

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It’s time.

Well America we officially have a new President of this great nation and his name is Donald Trump (I still chuckle when I say that). While he’s currently giving his speech, ATLien emcee J-Coop & producer Last Name Good announce a new project called Paid In AmeriKKKa.

The two drop a visual for the announcement along with a new site to support it, which you can check out here.

Watch their Paid In AmeriKKKa trailer below along with the official announcement of the project.

So you’re probably asking yourself, “What’s up with them K’s?” Well if we told you that then that would spoil the surprise.

How about we tell you this much. It’s a body of work from Atlanta emcee J-Coop and producer Last Name Good. Is that enough to keep you interested? Did you know Donald Trump is the President of the United States? Rhetorical question alert.


J-Coop & Last Name Good