Stream Allen Thomas 'Void Scrolls 1' Mixtape

Stream Allen Thomas ‘Void Scrolls 1’ Mixtape

you can thank OLIN October 17, 2016 1 Comment

They wanna weigh you against the greats.

However, I think AT is a strong contender.

Straight from the Dec, The former IllMont member gives you his first solo mixtape “Void Scrolls 1” (which I assume means there will be other volumes? [one can only hope]}

Broadcast from a fictional podcast “The Voidcast” and hosted by Selector Forecast aka The Weatherman. Allen takes you on a journey through the life of a man who has deliberately choosen to take the least comfortable route in order to better understand life’s Ills (no pun intended) and pave ones own way. Stream the project below on Soundcloud. The only feature on this project is the very dope @yanimo

The project can be downloaded HERE: