Eugenius Neutron Cracks The Code On 'The Eubik's Cube' LP

Eugenius Neutron Cracks The Code On ‘The Eubik’s Cube’ LP

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A look inside the black man’s psyche.

After putting the emphasis on the importance of the aux cord on his Almighty Aux Gods EP earlier this year, Eugenius Neutron liberates a full length project he calls The Eubik’s Cube.

Using a play on words Eugenius describes the projects as “Breaking down the psyche of the young black male in America is as complicated as solving the Rubik’s cube itself. For they are born into an environment which seems to hate them, yet thrive upon them, as if they were the world’s greatest natural resource. This is just one of the many untold tails of those young men trying to figure it out…”.

The 19 track LP features Indyah Rashaud, D. Horton, Joy Joy, No Suh Foster among others along with production from Koji The Bandit, KT Got Beats, Breezy On The Track and others.