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Stream Mr. Ivory Snow – Ting [Audio]

you can thank SODD Staff August 28, 2017 0 comments

It’s a Guyanese Ting.

If you have been outside your house in the past six months, you have probably heard some of the strong Caribbean influence taking over the airwaves this summer.  It seems that no one is exempt from giving the Dancehall, Soca, Calypso or Reggaeton a shot from French Montana to Justin Beiber. The only difference between those artist and Mr. Snow is that Snow is ACTUALLY of Caribbean decent. Crazy, right? Anyway his new joint “Ting” is his take on the Dancehall riddim that everyone seems to enjoy this summer.  The self-produced record (with assistance by Patrick Pryor) is sure to mek di gyal dem whine. Mr. Snow has been in the background producing, Djing and mixing for a while but has decided to break the hiatus and start releasing music as an artist again. This is not a decision that the listeners will regret as he has been cranking out banger after banger since he’s reemerged to the scene. So sit back… Relax (get up and dance preferred) and grab a big bowl of Pepper Pot to crank up this chune. (It’s a Guyanese Ting)




360? We don’t Sign That.


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