Amauri The Great Drops Hip-Hop Gold - and Listen!

Amauri The Great Drops Hip-Hop Gold

you can thank SODD Staff June 8, 2017 0 comments

Savior Of The Game? Only time will tell.

We first came across Amauri at one of the Soul Food Cypher events that take place in Atlanta, GA.  From the moment I saw this young man rap I knew he had something unique.  The ability to command the crowd, project his voice, and spit coherent and impressive rhymes.  At first I just thought this was natural ability from studying the game, and while it is, after speaking with his father I can see that these abilities stem from a long line of artists, Djs and emcees. Amauri went to the ultimate school of Hip-hop.  This is evident in his newest release, the second installment of an ode to the infamous “golden era” of Hip-Hop that many believe cultivated some of the greatest emcees of all time. This is a fun listen with a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional styles. We’ve attached a link to his website below where you can hear the tape. So sit back…Relax.. and break ya neck.