Jay Miles Place All Bets On Himself For 'I Am My Own' LP

Jay Miles Place All Bets On Himself For ‘I Am My Own’ LP

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The Memphis native delivers his latest LP.

Last week we open the flood gates to talk to some people on the podcast. Before we could really get a tweet off, Memphis native Jay Miles reached out saying he wanted to be a guest on the show. We spoke with him about a few things and how to solidify himself as an artist.

After suggesting we check out his latest project I Am My Own, we quickly saw why this guy has a future in this business. He is his own person and challenges his peers to see why they shouldn’t sleep on him going forward.

See what he had to say about the project below.

Dreams are for the rich, not for us” In his return to the music scene, relatively unknown hip hop artist from Memphis, TN, Jay Miles sends out yet another album of inspiration and real s*%t. Jay Miles wrote, engineered, and mixed this entire mixtape. iAmMyOwn is an album for those who are the BEST at what they do. “I don’t have money for a recording studio and no one would record me… i became my own studio engineer and recorder. For the most part, I have no team or group of people to help me promote, manage, and everything else that comes with this music life. I AM MY OWN everything. So for you, what do you do better than anyone else? Sing? Educate? Love? Hoop? You are your own!

Stream #iAmMyOwn below.