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Locksmith Offers Young Dreamers An ‘Olive Branch’

you can thank SODD Staff May 12, 2017 0 comments

Locksmith has been one of the most impressive emcees I’ve seen in a long time. You might recognize him as the guy who kills every Team Backpack freestyle he’s ever done. His newest album Olive Branch is a message to all the people that are afraid to pursue their dreams full force and to be self sufficient.  It also has a strong political message.(Similar to the message of J-Coop And Last Name Good‘s Recent release Paid In Amerikkka (VISIT PAIDINAMERIKKKA.COM lol) I was very impressed by this project and if you have a moment to receive this olive branch, sit back… relax and listen! Stream below on Soundcloud or visit IAMLOCK.COM for merch, tour dates and contests.



Da Locksmith got that Major Key