Chrioni Drops "We Wear The Mask...Off" - and Listen!

Chrioni Drops “We Wear The Mask…Off”

you can thank simple hues April 18, 2017 0 comments

Poetry meets Trap flows.

Yes, we’ve all heard the whole world Rap, meme and create the “flute Rap” genre in the influence of Future’s “Mask Off” to the point of nausea. Out of the saturation comes a different take on the jam from Southside Atlanta’s Chrioni with “We Wear The Mask…Off”. The title alludes to Paul Laurence Dunbar’s classic poem “We Wear The Mask” which speaks on people masking their true emotions. Chrioni merges this theme over a Metro-Booming beat and an ill flow you’ll want to rewind over and over again. Stream “We Wear The Mask…Off” in the link below.

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