Eugenius Neutron Finds New Life With 'Almighty Aux Gods' EP

Eugenius Neutron Finds New Life With ‘Almighty Aux Gods’ EP

you can thank J.Good March 28, 2017

Who cares about radio anyway?

There’s some beauty in the technology that continues to advance on a daily basis. The days of waiting around with a blank tape and your index finger on the record button of your radio are long gone. Nowadays you control what you want to hear and when you want to hear it.

So when a project comes along titled Almighty Aux Gods, things seem to connect instantly. Now add that to the fact Eugenius Neutron is the man behind the microphone and it all makes for a great morning.

Produced entirely by Audio Anthem, the three track EP finds Eugenius Neutron delivering his prolific bars, while giving us the truth behind the radio. Stream Almighty Aux Gods below and be sure to cop on iTunes.