Babar - "Scheming" - and Listen!

Babar – “Scheming”

you can thank Landon Buford February 2, 2017 0 comments

Life and struggle.

2017 is the year of breaking stereotypes and overcoming cultural discrimination, but up and coming rapper and artist Babar Harrie, AKA as Babar, has been breaking stereotypes his whole spirit.

The 23-year-old rapper and artist use his struggle and life experience as a Muslim Pakistani-American as inspiration in his music and his overall manner. Babar hopes to make music that inspires people and breaks the stereotypes the media portrays young Muslims to fall under — being closed minded, backward and bland, while also redefining the way rap music interpreted tied into today’s society.

One look at Babar and you can tell that he is the modern day Muslim-Pakistani-American; pairing a traditional Pakistani Kurta with a bomber jacket and fitted jeans.

His new single can be seen below please make sure you stream it via Spotify and leave your comments below.