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Lousy Human Bastards! - "Who's Who" Feat. Seawright, Snubnose Frankenstein & Jabbar - and Listen!

Lousy Human Bastards! – “Who’s Who” Feat. Seawright, Snubnose Frankenstein & Jabbar

you can thank milkman January 5, 2017 0 comments

Another really dope cut from LHB.

I’ve been listening to this groups music for a couple of months now and after every record I can say I’m a little bit more of a fan . The collective consists of Four solo artist Seawright, Jabbar, MitchGoneMad, and Snubnose Frankenstein but they combine to make the Lousy Human Bastards. They have an Ep they released over a year ago Titled Amazing Stories pt.1 and since the guys haven’t slowed down a bit, soon after they all released solo cuts they call lousy loosies. Im expecting more great music from them in the near future so give this record a listen and let us know what you think.