Wrappers Delight: Get To Know Brian Brown

Wrappers Delight: Get To Know Brian Brown

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Meet Brian Brown.

First off this guy put me on Hattie B’s and for that I’ve forever grateful. Add that to the fact that his live show is one of the best things you will see at Wrappers Delight Thursday night and you will understand we this Q&A for Brian Brown was special. Check it out below.

Q: Where are you from?

A: Nashville, TN. 615. The real 6. Lol

Q: You recently moved to Atlanta after a year of living in Chattanooga. How has your transition to life in the A been and what are the biggest differences between Atlanta and Nashville?

A: The transition from Chatt to Atlanta has been pretty smooth. Kind of bumpy at first, getting familiar with the city & its pace but I like it here a lot. Feels like you never see the same face twice & that’s pretty cool. The biggest difference is how far away everything is. Like I swear nothing is within five-ten minutes of you. Also my lack of knowledge of local food spots here really pisses me off. I knew all the places to eat back at home obviously but it feels like there’s no hometown hole in the walls & it’s pretty weak.

Q: We haven’t heard a lot from you since the release of your 7:22 EP. Rumor has it you’ve been working on quite a bit of new material since moving to Atlanta. What can we expect from you over the next few months and any details you can share with us regarding your next release?

A: Well, since I have been here, I have been in the studio a lot. A whole lot actually. Feels really good to be back in the groove. As of now, I am still working on my full length, Journey. We’re a few beats/sounds away from it really being the tape I want it to be however! Until that is finished, I am working on an EP with StlnDrms to give the people before Journey drops. I was going to just drop it like the cool kid that I am but this is exclusive news, fresh for you guys to see. You’re the first to know. How cool is that??

Check out a few joints from Brian Brown below.

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