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Wrappers Delight: Get To Know Jay Dot Rain

Wrappers Delight: Get To Know Jay Dot Rain

you can thank J.Good December 6, 2016 1 Comment


Meet Jay Dot Rain.

We are two days away from Wrappers Delight at The Music Room here in Atlanta and with a bill that will make you hate yourself for not being in attendance, we have another surprise for you. Jay Dot Rain ladies and gents. Take the time to get to know him with our quick Q&A session below.

Q: Where are you from?

A: I’m from Tuscaloosa, AL. A lot of people think i’m from Huntsville. I went to college in HSV & that’s where I really got my break with the music. I got mad love for both.

Q: We recently sat down for a podcast where we talked about your relationship with Scotty ATL and your process for releasing music. You’re coming off the release of CFC 3, one of the stronger mixtapes released this year. After a successful 2016 campaign what can we expect from you to build on that in 2017?

A: 2017 is going to be crazy! I am still taking in most of the blessings in 2016. I’m working hard on my debut album. I have the title already. I can’t wait to share it with you. So much has transpired and I’ve been channeling it all in the music. Scotty is forever family and he has been an inspiration in the whole process. I’ve learned a lot from him. Just keep your eyes and ears open.

Q: Alabama’s Hip-Hop scene seems to be buzzing as of late. As one of the faces of this wave of artists where do you hope to see that scene in 3-5 years? We have fellow Alabama native Sip Jackson on this show, is there anyone else we should be paying attention to?

A: I hope within the next few years, people start to take Alabama hip hop serious enough to where we don’t have to go other cities like I did. I went through Nashville and now i’m in Atlanta. I really want to change that. It’s a lot of talent coming though. I bad word with Sip, Kelon Moon, my brother Lil Nardy always kills it. Rayed R, Mizzle Money, TC Gambino, Wynt Earley, TOO MANY TO NAME. It’s a lot of talent in Alabama. I’m gonna keep doing what I can to be a leader and keep the hope alive.

Check out Jay Dot Rain’s Cooley Fly Chronicles III EP below.

Grab your tickets for Wrappers Delight early and save a couple of bucks by clicking on the flyer below.


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