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Wrappers Delight: Get To Know DJ FyeMeUp

Wrappers Delight: Get To Know DJ FyeMeUp

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Meet DJ FyeMeUp.

Now we can’t forget about the DJ. One of the guys controlling the vibe of the evening is DJ FyeMeUp. We sat with him for a quick Q&A session.

Q: Where are you from?
A: Atlanta….East Atlanta to be exact. My momma stayed off Glenwood…lol.

Q: What was your introduction to DJing?
A: I’ve always collect music, since tapes. But I club a lot as a young man. And I hated DJs. I would spend nights critiquing the music selection. Even if I was sober or not. So one day I said I was gone try it since I already had a nice collection. I had 4,000 songs before I started DJing. I spent 2 years practicing and collecting music before I considered DJing a party. I didn’t underestimate the craft. And I’m still learning.

Q: How do you plan to set yourself apart from the DJs before you?
A: I just wanna go back to the essential of DJing. Breaking records. Playing the no name good music. Playing good records, not because they paid me the most. Trash is Trash no matter how much Febreeze you spray. I just wanna Fye The World Up.

Check out DJ FyeMeUp’s #FYEMEUP ATL Podcast below.

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