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Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Phay
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[Sunday Spotlight] Phay

you can thank J.Good November 6, 2016 2 Comments


Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Phay.

Now I’m gonna be completely honest with you guys. It was tough to pick a Sunday Spotlight artist this week. For a split second I almost felt like we hit a glass ceiling for talent. The inspiration to go through Soundcloud had diminished, 40 emails in and nothing caught my attention and then I remembered someone shot me a link to check out this artist.

So I reluctantly hit the link and allowed myself to see what I was getting into. Let me just state for the record that I’m glad I did. Lazies meet Phay.

This week’s Sunday Spotlight resides here in Atlanta (Decatur to be exact) and is the son of immigrant parents, who came here to start a better life. Now there’s only one way to describe Phay’s sound and that is progressive heartfelt emotion. He speaks with purpose and clarity. This guy knows exactly who is and who he does this for.

His brand Mamathebrand represents the love he has for his mother, with text in the heart symbol read from right to left, translating to “mama” in the Arabic language.

As always we dropped his catalog below for your enjoyment.