Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Translee
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[Sunday Spotlight] Translee

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Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Translee.

As I sit in a hotel in New York City this morning, I’m reminded of just how important hip-hop is to my life. It literally the reason that brought me here. People often ask me, how do you choose your Sunday Spotlight artist? Is it at random? How do they get on your radar? The truth is you just have to be dope and I will find you…eventually. Whether its at a live show or by word of month, it will come to me. That brings us to this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist. Lazies meet Translee.

Earlier this week we came across the Huntsville, Alabama native latest project, M.A.O.T.P. pt 1. After giving it a couple of spins, I went back into Translee catalog and spent a few days soaking in the vibes of everything he has to offer.

Of course the music is great, but what’s more important is the message. Translee has a story that he doesn’t shy away from in the music. There’s a plethora of artist out here and truth is we almost never here their story. It’s usually fused with what they “think” we want to hear. None of that is Translee. Instead he gives us his experiences and managed to make it entertaining.

As always we decided to give you a glimpse into his young career by dropping his catalog and visuals below.