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Soul Food Cypher & Savage Fam Beat Guinness World Record

Soul Food Cypher & Savage Fam Beat Guinness World Record

you can thank OLIN October 17, 2016 0 comments


RIDDLE ME THIS: What do you get when you combine some of the city’s finest emcees and DJs and give them 24 hours to rhyme to their heart’s content?

ANSWER: You get Guinness World Record holders, that’s what… well actually. Let’s not jump the gun. Although the feat during A3C weekend in Atlanta was extraordinary, Guinness World Record representatives still have to review their submission in it’s entirety to make that sure they met all the World Record requirements (I’m almost certain they have).

Although MURS recently did a 24 Hour rap marathon of similar capacity, they are two categories away from his record (GROUP…FREESTYLE). With the help of Savage Fam, Soul Food Cypher and 100 Off The Top were able to execute what very well could be the longest group cypher in the history of the world!… THE WORLD BRUH! That’s pretty damn intense if you ask me.

Here are some dope photos of the event courtesy of





The previous record was 12 hours and some change, but they decided to make it even harder for anyone else attempting this feat. Rapping for 24 hours straight, and what’s more Hip-Hop than going above and beyond and showboating by being excessive and flashy!? Emcees took 2-3 hour shifts rapping for an hour straight taking 5-10 minute breaks and returning to deliver even more bars. The rules say that each emcee could have no less than three seconds in between each rhyme, so as you can imagine, many things were said.

The entire event was filmed as per Guinness Rules, but it was also streamed live on Facebook Live. If you visit the Soul Food Cypher fan page on Facebook, you can see some of those performances. And we’re talking REAL FREESTYLES nothing written in advance, complete stream of conscious reality. I’m very excited to see how this all plays out.


For more info and updates on the results of the Record visit: