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Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Big Brown
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[Sunday Spotlight] Big Brown

you can thank J.Good August 28, 2016 1 Comment

Sunday Spotlight Big Brown

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Big Brown.

For those close to Da Den camp, they know the quickest way to get on our radar is through your live performance. If we see you perform live and in living color and you dope, you can almost always count on it that you will be hearing from us. That’s exactly what happened when I was a judge on the panel for The Bar Exam this past Friday. There was a fleet of about 10-12 artists who all barred for our attention to crown them the winner. There were a few who caught our attention, but one stood out in grand fashion. Lazies meet Big Brown.

Formerly known as ILA, the Mobile, Alabama native hit the stage with some much presence that the rest of the judges and myself knew whoever wanted to win that night had to be better than him. Performing his single “Mo Betta” off his Browns Fargo project, Big Brown captured the crowd with ease and own the stage like he belongs there.

With his performance stuck in my head, I made my way to his Soundcloud and found more reasons why this guy is deserving of this week’s Sunday Spotlight feature. Take a few moments and get caught up to speed with everything his has to offer below.