Rich Chigga Who That Be Official Music Video - and Listen!

Rich Chigga Who That Be Official Music Video

you can thank OLIN August 18, 2016 0 comments

I think Lil Dicky had a point when he said that Anti-Rap or Comedy Rap is one of the last real forms of rap left. That may not be entirely true, but for the young rapper that goes by the name Rich Chigga, there seems to be an endearing quality about being able to maintain a relevant or new-age sound while simultaneously being your true and genuine self. Made popular by the viral hit “DAT STICK” the fanny pack clad rapper wowed audiences with his mismatched bassy vocal delivery. Not since Ruff Ryder hopeful Jin has there been a more promising Asian American rap act. Check out the release for his new single “Who That Be”

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