J'Demul Plays The Role Of Lone Wolf In "Moon" Visual

J’Demul Plays The Role Of Lone Wolf In “Moon” Visual

you can thank J.Good August 9, 2016 1 Comment

J'Demul - Moon

The St. Louis emcee brings a new flow to Da Den.

Every now and then we come across a few gems in the submission inbox. Whether you know it or not, we usually spend a good part of the day patiently going through and hitting delete on a lot of bad music (sorry I can’t sugar coat it). However there are times when we are awakened out of our musical coma and find something truly worth sharing.

That’s what happened with St. Louis native J’Demul’s “Moon” video. Now I’m watching Michael Phelps swim for his 21st Olympic gold medal, when I was distracted by an out of the pocket flow that yearn for my attention. Set in what seems like an empty parking lot, J’Demul finds himself as the lone wolf on the night of a full moon.

Watch the visual below and if you haven’t caught wind of his STL Avenue mixtape, we included that as well.