JSWISS Doesn't Care About "Not Trending"

JSWISS Doesn’t Care About “Not Trending”

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JSWISS is back at it again and this time he doesn’t care about “Not Trending” in today’s world as he releases a new single under the same title. Grabbing the “Melotronic” instrumental from multi-instrumentalist DJ Harrison’s Stashbo danger project.

Check out the lyrics below along with the stream.

So much on my mind I don’t how to stop it
Don’t even know the topic, just pick a flow to rock it
You know them kids can’t touch it like an open socket
They words never be the future like a phony prophet,
I give you future in the present past lessons
Influence what I’m putting in my paragraphs
Blessings coming every time I open up my eyes
In it for more than just to survive until I die,
They built me different like the Fords in the 1900s
You dead wrong you think I might be blunted
To each his own me though I’m never on that
You know I cut it and chop it so I had to bring that back
Back wit a vengeance, since adolescence
I had the keys to success, I made core progressions
In a flash I’m on the scene to restore the message
I push it forward though I never could ignore the essence
Tip Phife Kane Thought Big Pac more
NYPD how I’m gunning for the top floor
Also be the person bleeding asking what you shot for
While the co-workers see it turn and get lockjaw
That’s just reality that ain’t even a verse
When you dead in a Mercedes before you get in a hearse
And I’m pissed too like yo you should do your occupation
But I also know we need some conversation, catch 22
We gon have to live together regardless
I try to play my part and paint the picture I am an artist
I put my hands up and stay quiet I am a target
He die and you put him on trial I beg your pardon
There’s bullets from both sides, it seems like they not ending
This is for the young black lives that’s not trending
This is for the strange fruit on hung ropes
O’Reilly’s dumb quotes
We gave you enough blood
I gave you enough flows, gone