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Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight K.A.A.N.
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[Sunday Spotlight] K.A.A.N.

you can thank J.Good July 31, 2016 0 comments

Sunday Spotlight K.A.A.N.

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight K.A.A.N.

Allow me to set the scene for a minute. We’re on the road for The Daylight Savings Tour headed to New Orleans. The homie J-Coop is in charge of the aux cord. Somewhere between Montgomery and Mobile Coop decides to put on a record that completely blew my mind. Ironically it was a remix of Drake’s “Camera’s” which this week’s Sunday Spotlight titled as “My Mind”. Lazies meet K.A.A.N.

The Maryland native can flat out spit. Which in all honesty is an understatement. With a catalog full of remixes and originals that allow his explosive delivery to cut through the speakers like a hot knife through butter, K.A.A.N. is one of those who should be put in the category of emcees to support. And with influences like Biggie, Pac, Pun and Eminem, we here at Da Den can see why he takes lyricism so seriously.

Now his catalog is pretty extensive so we did our best to give you the best of the best from Knowledge Above All Nonsense (that’s what K.A.A.N. by the way). Take the time to get to know him and his music below.