Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Jowin
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[Sunday Spotlight] Jowin

you can thank J.Good July 17, 2016 1 Comment

Sunday Spotlight Jowin

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Jowin.

Have you ever had that feeling that you meet someone before but just couldn’t quite figure out where? This happened a couple of days ago to me. Currently on the road for The Daylight Savings Tour with J-Coop and Rod McCoy, we made a stop in my home town of Macon, Ga. While there I met a guy who was way to familiar to me. After seeing him perform it was clear who this guy was. Lazies meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Jowin.

The Atlanta-based emcee/producer first made his way on Da Den as the man behind TDE’s own Isaiah Rashad’s single “Nelly”. From there we stumbled across him again joining forces with previous Sunday Spotlight Allen Thomas on “Fred Sagassie”. Add that to an eye catching visual for “Cross 1NE” and we were convinced it was time to shine some light on this guy.

With his Kids Food for Jane and Jeff EP on the way, we went through his catalog and gave you a quick look into everything there is Jowin for your listening pleasure. Give it a listen below.