SkyBlew x SublimeCloud Drops 'Destined: The Rebirth' EP

SkyBlew x SublimeCloud Drops ‘Destined: The Rebirth’ EP

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The Carolina native hiatus is over.

After taking some time to himself, SkyBlew ended a 5 month hiatus a couple of weeks ago with “My Dream DeLIGHT”. Today he comes back with SublimeCloud to release a 7 track EP titled Destined: The Rebirth.

I PROMISE, there’s nothing out that sounds like this…….
It was a rough 5 months for me but afterwards, I used the pain to create something beautiful to inspire. There’s someone out there that needs to hear this…. GUARANTEED! Not many artist out there are trying to make a difference, I AM.

As a bonus SkyBlew and the jazz band Small House recently released a live tribute to Nujabes, performing his song “Flowers”.