Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Dee Goodz
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[Sunday Spotlight] Dee Goodz

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Photo courtesy of Adam Taylor

Photo courtesy of Adam Taylor

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Dee Goodz.

This week we take you to Nashville where we find an emcee who I like to describe as an educated spokesman for the streets. Often times when we think of the terms “gangsta rap” or “trap music” we quickly add that connotation of trouble. Well of course that’s part of it, but this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist has way more to offer. Lazies meet Dee Goodz.

Considered somewhat of a nomad, he has spent time in New York, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and of course Nashville. All of which has helped him develop into an artist with a strong business mind and vivid story teller. He brings listeners into the passenger seat as he talks about his everyday life.

As a graduate of Alabama A&M University, Dee Goodz prides himself on being educated and even has went as far as saying he wants that part included in his story. While there is much more to say about the homie (and we hope to make that one on one conversation happen soon), we rather allow him to do the talking through his music and visuals.

Take the time to get to know him and his catalog below.