Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight D. Horton
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[Sunday Spotlight] D. Horton

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Sunday Spotlight D. Horton

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight D. Horton.

It’s kind of hard to pinpoint exactly where this week’s Sunday Spotlight is from. After spending time in Georgia, Mississippi and Michigan, he considers himself more of a nomad than anything. Lazies meet D. Horton.

The singer, songwriter and rapper is more than just your average artist. D. Horton is a live performer than brings personality, charisma and flat out determination to rock a crowd. We recently started to get acquainted with all things D. Horton after a recommendation from our guy Myke Rich. From there we’ve watch this guy perform and went through just about every song in his catalog.

We figured it was only right that we do our due diligence and showcase him to Da Den. Take the time to get to know him and his catalog below.