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WDNG Crshrs "Play2Win..." Over Hit-Boy Production - and Listen!

WDNG Crshrs “Play2Win…” Over Hit-Boy Production

you can thank J.Good May 25, 2016 0 comments


Quentin Miller & TheCoolisMac connect in a kitchen for their latest.

WDNG Crshrs took to some unconventional lengths to record a new record, “Play2Win…”. With Hit-Boy holding down the production, you can catch the wave below.

Recorded in our good friend JerZ’s kitchen… (thats right.. we took a Hit-Boy beat that artists go in they good label budgets and book time in lavish studios to record on… and Recorded the song in a kitchen..) Play2win was created… shout out to all our friends that added vocals becasue we don’t tell ppl to be quiet when we record… Shout out papa johns for that speedy delivery… OneThreeOneSeven Sound… We play to win…