Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight The Renaissance
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[Sunday Spotlight] The Renaissance

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Sunday Spotlight The Renaissance

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight The Renaissance.

This week we travel across the way to the AUC, where the cluster of historic schools are doing more than pumping out future scholars of America. There is also a bevy of talented musicians and creatives. All of which leads us to this week’s Sunday Spotlight. Lazies meet The Renaissance.

Known for his potent delivery and trademark afro, the 19 year old emcee, actor and visual artist is a bit of an old soul. Much of which I found out when I sat down with him during an episode of The Good Hennec Show.

There are some rappers who can flat out rap and there are those who are more so like The Renaissance, they are called to be an artist. Everything about this guy personifies creativity and determination. From his stories for how he made his way to Morehouse, all the way to me watching him perform for the first time. This guy has it and he knows it.

While the world is still trying to figure him out, he is slowly carving out his own lane, creating an avatar that other artists will soon copy and call their own. In the meantime, get to know The Renaissance and his catalog of music and visuals below.