Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Gold Griffith
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[Sunday Spotlight] Gold Griffith

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Sunday Spotlight Gold Griffith

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Gold Griffith.

Clones. What’s in a word? Today that’s all we see in hip-hop. I have my theories, with one of them being the pursuit of fame. In this microwave climate of music, its so easy to do EXACTLY what the next guy is doing to get on. Daring to be different seems to be far and in between. The game lacks originality and quite frankly someone who is not afraid to just be themselves. Well that brings us to this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist. Lazies meet Gold Griffith.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio the singer/songwriter/musician currently makes Atlanta his home. He first came on our radar last year on Scotty ATL’s “Keith Sweat” single featuring Big K.R.I.T. and again on Jay Dot Rain’s The Dixie Renaissance. From that point on we here at Da Den was in search of the guy with a voice that was reminiscent of the days when everyone wore pants that fit, with a pair of hard bottom shoes and probably a hat of the same color. You know gentlemen.

Ironically that’s exactly what would you seenwhenever you come across Gold Griffith. And if you are one of those blessed to see him perform, then you will also notice him with an acoustic guitar celebrating his patriotic heritage.

His latest project, Do The Right Thing finds him exploring a world that is so familiar to him it would make us uncomfortable. All in all music needs different and its only a matter of time until that different becomes Gold Griffith.

Until then get to know him and his music below.