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Word Is JAY Z Prepping A New Album

you can thank J.Good May 4, 2016 0 comments

Hola Hovito!

Now as a JAY Z fan, I get excited every time there is a hint of new music from Hov being on the way. Since the advent of the “streaming wars”, its almost impossible to get any information out of the Carter camp when it comes to new music. We’ve seen this happen time and time again with Beyoncé (most currently on her Lemonade LP).

Well there is a story circulating the net that JAY Z is working on something new and its supposedly will shed some light on Lemonade. The report comes from Us magazine. Saying that “Jay is working on an album telling his side of things,” the unnamed source to Us.  Now we never want to get into the what ifs here on Da Den, so I want talk anymore about whether or not this project will follow that headline, but what I will say is there is cold hard evidence that JAY Z is working from Mike Dean.

Yesterday he posted this picture of JAY Z with the caption, “Wonder what’s playing in those headphones.”

Now personally I think he just recording random records because we all know Hov grows his hair out when he’s in album mode and that doesn’t seem to be the case after this pic of him and DJ Khaled hit the net a week ago.

khaled hov

Either way, lets just play the waiting game until anything official tissue comes out. And if you absolutely need your JAY Z fix (no not the 2 lines he spewed out on Drake’s “Pop Style“) then head below and vibe to this dope Hov playlist along with our Birthday Freestyle mix.