Immerze Gives Us An Unusual Combination w/ "Gucci Vandross" Single

Immerze Gives Us An Unusual Combination w/ “Gucci Vandross” Single

you can thank J.Good April 14, 2016 1 Comment

Gucci Vandross

Something to hold us over until Before I Go EP.

After going Outside Da Den with Vancouver native Immerze we learned a couple of things. Number one, his journey was a long fought one to get to where he is now. Secondly, there is a new project in the works titled Before I Go EP.

A couple of weeks ago, Immerze teased us, dropping “2 CENTS“. Now he completely shifts gears to give us “Gucci Vandross”. There is so much to say about the title of this record, but I rather you take a listen for yourself. Feel free to sound off in the comment section.