Sabir - "Down Since The Ground" - and Listen!

Sabir – “Down Since The Ground”

you can thank J.Good April 11, 2016 1 Comment

down since the ground

The Macon native makes his return to music.

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from past Sunday Spotlight artist Sabir. However just because he’s been silence, doesn’t mean the work is not being put in. Sabir took to his Facebook page the other day to make an announcement to bring people up to speed about his whereabouts.

Peep the announcement along with the music below.

So I have a kinda big announcement….for some time now, I have been working with some really dope artists in the Atlanta area to form a collaborative called Program8. I have not released an original song, especially not one that I have produced in nearly TWO years for a variety of reasons, but in my time down I’ve certainly leveled up on a variety of levels. Follow the soundcloud, we have a lot of cool things planned for the platform in the near future, and it feels great to be back in motion. I’m excited to present to you my new record, “Down Since The Ground”, a Program8 exclusive.