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[Sunday Spotlight] Sm00ve

you can thank J.Good April 10, 2016 1 Comment

sunday spotlight sm00ve

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Sm00ve.

This past week I realized that the perception of Atlanta to those outside of Atlanta is that everyone from here is on and they all want to be in your position. The truth is, artist who are on the grind here knows that to make it out of Atlanta, it will take EVERYTHING. That brings me to this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist. Lazies meet Sm00ve.

The Atlanta native is one of those individuals who knows what this city was like pre 1996. So for those who may be unfamiliar with the significance of 1996 and specifically Atlanta, it was the year of the Olympics and the gentrification that took place in the city. Nearly every project was torn down and residents forced out to make room for big buildings and a “new” Atlanta. Sm00ve took this to heart and speaks about it often through his music.

More than just a rapper, Sm00ve is a poet. If you’ve ever been blessed to see him rock a stage, then you know the way he ends his show is by giving us words from his heart. I swear every time I’m touched. This guy gets it. He is unapologetically himself and that says a lot being in an industry where everyone is playing copy cat to get on.

Over the past couple of years, Sm00ve has dropped an EP with producer Mucho and is currently back in the lab working on a new project titled Poetic Justice that we should hear soon. In the meantime, get familiar with the Atlanta emcee by going through his catalog of music and visuals below.